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Liberate your data. Redefine your world.

We believe success knows no silos. Cognite breaks your data free from disparate systems, so you can harness its power for your industry.

The Cognite Data Platform gives you full control of your industrial data. Infinitely scalable. Instantly accessible. Fully contextualized. So you can develop applications, enable machine learning and forge partnerships.

The Cognite Data Platform

Imagine that you could access all your industrial data in real time. Instantly available to the right people on any device. Connected across systems. Revealing the potential for streamlined operations. Faster development. Richer innovation. The Cognite Data Platform makes it possible.

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Cognite in action

Forget test runs and proofs of concept. The Cognite Data Platform is enabling real change on a large-scale operational level. See the impact we’ve already made with our clients. And consider the ways Cognite could empower your industry.

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Cognite Insights

Cognite presents a digital representation of your industrial reality. Past and present. So you can redefine your world. This collection of written resources will help you envision the digitalized future. Based on what we’ve proven is possible today.

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Our talented team is pushing the envelope of digital change in big industry. And we’re always looking for brilliant minds at work. Roll up your sleeves and help us set data free.

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