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How Cognite improved onsite efficiency by making all data easily accessible to operators

Worker examining data on tablet device

Most Oil & Gas companies don’t suffer from a lack of data. They suffer from a lack of data accessibility. Operational inefficiency is one of the most painful byproducts of this problem. AkerBP wanted to optimize their on-site operations on the Ivar Aasen offshore installation to reduce wasted time, resources, and manpower.

Office workers at desk with multiple monitors


Traditional operations are tedious and slow. To complete a single maintenance task, for example, an onsite operator may need to access seven separate systems to get the required data. Sometimes they don’t have the necessary permissions to use those systems. Without the data readily available, projects that should take days end up taking weeks. This contributes to overall inefficiency, as well as an increase in hours workers must spend in challenging conditions.


Cognite ingested and contextualized all maintenance information from Ivar Aasen and made the data available for field technicians via the Operations Support application.

Engineers and technicians on the Ivar Aasen now have instant access to:

  • Live sensor data and historic equipment performance data;
  • All documentation related to maintenance, including procedures, work orders, drawings, P&IDs and maintenance logs;
  • Interactive 3D models of installation and equipment.

They also have the capability to share pictures and notes with the crew, establish live video calls, and the use of computer vision to locate equipment tags and automatically provide related information.

Via a convenient mobile and tablet app interface, they can use 3D interactive models to locate equipment on massive platforms, quickly, safely and easily.

Worker looking at data on tablet device

“Having all the information necessary to get the job done on the phone or tablet that we can carry around in the field makes our work much more efficient.”

-- Maintenance Crew, Ivar Aasen


Worker examining machine data on tablet


The on-site crew report greater operational efficiency and safety. Crews from other oil fields are requesting access to build applications to solve operational problems on their own rigs.