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How the Cognite Data Platform integrated Power BI’s quick, off-the-shelf visualization

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Big industry creates vast amounts of industrial data every day. The value it holds is exponential, but conventional visualization, like Microsoft Excel, typically can’t handle these complex, large-scale data sets.

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Over the last few years, off-the-shelf visualization from the likes of Power BI, Tableau and TIBCO Spotfire has gained popularity. However, they are often not readily available to everyone in an organization. The Cognite Data Platform can make this technology available to all.


Cognite developed a simple Power BI integration that allows any authenticated user to leverage the Power BI interface connected to the CDP via an authentication key. From there, the user can utilize the primary time series engine, as well as any other data they are permitted to access on the CDP.

Status data readouts
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Today, large-scale data visualization is available to all necessary users in the organization. In a simple browser view. This enables instant access to easy use cases, fueling creativity and innovation.