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With liberated data, you can manifest a more productive and profitable industrial reality. Explore our collection of white papers and other written resources to understand the impact of the Cognite Data Platform.

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The Future of the Field: Performance-Based Contracts Disrupt the Oil & Gas Value Chain

Aker BP offered Framo access to their live pump data for the first time, and Framo agreed to actively support Aker BP in its operation and maintenance of the pump system. Together, they hammered out a new pricing model tied to the improved performance of the pumps. The performance-based contract signed by the two parties includes a measurable set of targets that requires risk and offers reward on both sides. To be proven by the data.

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From Crude to Contextualized Data: Extracting Value from Big Data for the Oil & Gas Industry

We believe data has the potential to be industry’s most valuable asset. Oil & Gas companies already have the data. Now you need an industrial data platform powerful enough to collect, clean, and contextualize that data to maximize its value.

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Open Industrial Data: Inspiring Innovation & Fueling Collaboration in the Oil & Gas Ecosystem

The Open Industrial Data project presents the world’s first live industrial data stream. This is a crucial first step toward a more open and collaborative industry, where data sharing is the norm rather than the exception.

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Security & the Cognite Data Platform

Your data is always your own. But you trust Cognite to help you extract value from your data using the CDP. That’s why we are committed to our role as a Trusted Custodian of your data. This two-page resource provides an overview of the Cognite Security Commitment.

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You have the data. Cognite has the technology, the algorithms and the expertise to leverage its true value. All the elements for a large-scale operational solution that can unlock the power of digitalization for your industry.